Egyptian Society of Polymer Science & Technology (ESPST) is nongovernmental organization established in 1988 under the number of 847 and reconciled its conditions in 2003 at ministry of Social Affairs.
The members of the Society are 650 affiliated to Research Centers, Universities and Industrial bodies.


Main activities of ESPST
  1. Establishment of scientific links and interactions among scientists at Universities, Research Centers, Institutes, Industrial Sectors and Engineers in Egypt and World Wide in the field of polymeric materials.
  2. Exchanging experiences between the scientists in all around the world in the field of polymer science, engineering and technology.

  3. Organizing international conferences every 2 years in the field of polymer science and technology. The society has organized 11 international conferences in different regions in Egypt, Cairo, Mansoura, Luxor-Aswan, El-Fayoum…etc, since 1989 up till now.
  4. Increasing the links between the members and their families through organizing annual meetings and carrying out trips and tours.
  5. Organizing seminars in the field of polymeric materials for the scientists and industry members to follow the developments in science and technology.
  6. Try to solve the problems which arise from the use of the polymeric materials e.g. recycling of polymeric wastes like rubber, plastics and old newsprints for clean environment.
  7. Cooperation with other scientific societies in Egypt and abroad.

ESPST Board Members

1 Prof. Dr. Mahmoud A. Abd El-Ghaffar Chairman
2 Prof. Dr. Abou El Fettouh A. Abd El Hakim Co-chairman
3 Prof. Dr. Abbas A. Yehia Honorary Chairman
4 Prof. Dr. Gamal A. H. Turky Secretary
5 Assoc. Prof. Ahmed M. A. Youssef Treasure
6 Prof. Dr. Mohamed Nader lsmail Member
7 Assoc. Prof. Mohamed M. M. Eissa Member
8 Dr. Yasser A. Hefny Member
9 Dr. Mahmoud E. Shaaban Member


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