Egypt is located in North Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Libya is on the west and the Red Sea make up the eastern border. Egypt, one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations, still draws visitors and businessmen by the plane-load. It covers just over 1 million square kilometers, about the same size as France and Germany combined.

Population Around 92 million people live in Egypt. Arabic language is official, English and French are widely understood by educated classes.
Ancient monuments, the Red Sea coast, Nile Cruises and Cairo (Capital city), are among its many attractions. Ancient monuments include:

Pyramids of Giza are considered as one of the greatest architectural feats by man. The last surviving member of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid is one of the world's oldest tourist attractions and the reason most people visit Egypt today.

Egyptian Museum in Cairo contains over 120,000 artifacts, and houses an incredible display depicting ancient Egypt's glorious reign. Mummies, sarcophagi, pottery, jewellery and of course King Tutankhamen's treasures.

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